Our next scheduled delivery was in December 2010, but if you cast your mind back, we had epic snowfall in Scotland and many roads and pavements were difficult, if not impossible, to negotiate. Our delivery was delayed and delayed again, and we tried in vain to track down our supply.

We finally found out that the van drivers had been stuck in Glenrothes due to the bad snow but they couldn’t tell us exactly where for security reasons. Mr Effie asked that the pads remain in the depot and he would drive over and collect them in his works vehicle, at that time, a 4×4 Discovery. There was a lot of huffing and puffing about delayed Christmas presents being on the vans, a fact we couldn’t have cared less about. Nobody we phoned could care less about us. Meantime we had 2 pads in the house. I was seriously wondering how to fashion a nappy out of a carrier bag and tea towels. I was that close to tears, and phoned our local MP’s office asking how we could stop being treated like rubbish by our incontinence service, and their contracted deliverers. They promised to escalate our written complaint to the health board.

In it, I described the horrible situation we’d been put through. I concluded by asking for a months supply for us to keep laid by at home so we’d never be caught out by delayed deliveries or manufacturer’s delays again.

The delivery guys eventually got to our house, oblivious to the earlier frantic calls to their boss. I flew out of the house, nearly flying on my arse in the snow to help them get the boxes into the house. I kissed both guys roundly, I was that pleased to see them!

After a month or so passed, we got a reply to our complaint, an apology, and a months supply to hold in stock at home.